Sunday, 8 February 2015

ToMB2: More models finished

The ToMB2 Continues...

Not a huge post here as it's just an update buuuuut, as I said in my previous post I have continued on with my ToMB2 progress, this time finishing off my Zombie Chihuahua and Canine Remains.

 Apologies for the blurry front image.

More paint has also been added to the Rogue Neromancy, who I think will be the next completed model. The nurses also got a couple more base colours added to them, one has blue stockings, the other has red, just to make them stand out from each other a little bit more, I may do similar things with their hair.

Another thing I did today was paint all of my bases black, even though I'll probably have to touch them up again after finishing the models it just helps me feel there isn't as much to do. It must be a mental thing but they just feel more complete... Anybody else have this?


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  1. I actually do that too sometimes, easier to touch them up than totally paint :)